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Using Tracker with Virtualization Software
Article ID  354
Article Type  Procedures / Documentation
Product  NetResults Tracker
Oldest Version  6.0.0
Newest Version  Latest Release
Publication Date  03/14/2008 04:29:30 PM
Last Updated  02/17/2017 11:16:36 AM
This article provides information about Tracker support of virtualization software.

Tracker can be installed in a virtual environment. The virtual environment is completely transparent to Tracker. Virtualization makes it easy to test upgrades before upgrading your production environment or to roll back to a previous snapshot when needed. Restoring your system to new hardware is also very simple with a virtual environment.

It is important that the virtual machine meets or exceeds Tracker's System Requirements and:

  • hardware meeting or exceeding the System Requirements should be reserved for Tracker


  • Tracker should have top priority access to hardware that meets or exceeds the System Requirements

If the hardware is shared with other virtual machines such that the hardware is not reserved for Tracker or Tracker does not have high priority access, it can cause potentially serious performance issues due to other virtual machines using up CPU, memory, disk or network capacity that Tracker requires for good performance.

VMWare Fusion or Workstation are not recommended as those are desktop solutions.

If you decide to split the web server and the backend database server into two separate virtual machines (or one virtual and one physical), be careful about using the snapshot rollback features of the virtualization software because the two machines have to be in sync. The same is true of physical machines. Tracker has tools to re-synchronize the web server with the backend database, but you need to know to run them if you plan to rollback one machine and not the other. Or, you can keep everything on one server to minimize this issue.

If you are experiencing performance issues while running Tracker in a virtual environment, please check the virtualization software to see how many resources are being used by other virtual machines.