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How to set up an "Update" transition
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Publication Date  02/12/2008 03:30:31 PM
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This article provides information for creating an "Update" transition.

An "Update" transition is a transition where the fields in a record can be updated while keeping the record in the same state and assigned to the same user as prior to the update. Update transitions can be useful in situations where a user working on a record simply wants to make note of progress that has been made on a record, but is not yet ready to move it to the next step in the process. Another use for Update transitions is to allow end users to update records they have submitted while they are being processed by other users (e.g. in a Support or Help Desk environment, the reporter may want to add more detail to their request after it has been submitted).

To create an Update transition

  1. Login as Admin and click on the Admin icon
  2. Click on the Manage Workflows button
  3. Select the workflow you wish to modify using the pulldown at the top. The page will be refreshed to show the properties of the selected workflow.
  4. Click on the Manage link to the right of "States"
  5. Click on the state in which you want to create the new transition and click on the Transitions button
  6. Click on the Add Transition button
  7. Add a name and order for the transition.

    Select the same state in which you are creating this transition for "New State".

    Select the option "<Same Assignee>" for "New Assignee".

    If you wish to allow the users to add attachments to the record as part of the update, enable the "Allow Attachments" option.

    If you want to set this transition so only certain user groups see it as an option during the Task operation, select the appropriate user groups in "Make Visible to These Users / User Groups" option. (Then, after creating this transition edit any other transitions available in the same state to set the same "Make Visible to These Users / User Groups" option to remove this group so that the group will only see the "Update" transition as an option). For the rest of the options, refer to the Managing Transitions Help section.

  8. Click OK to save the transition
  9. Click on the Set Task Fields button
  10. Choose which fields you want to allow to be updated as part of this transition. Refer to the Workflow Transitions Help section for information on Task Field properties.
  11. Click OK
If the users who will be using the "Update" transition are Static or Floating users, ensure the users are a member of a user group that has the "Task Records in States" privilege and select the state(s) in which the users can update their records. If the users are Restricted users, ensure the users are a member of a user group that has the "Task All Records" privilege (by design, Restricted users can only view, access and process only those records they themselves have submitted). The Privileges Help section has details for granting these user group privileges.