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Do you have phone support?
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Publication Date  03/26/2015 10:35:52 AM
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Yes, we do. Information on that (including pricing) is available on our web site on the Custom Support Plan Options page.

Generally speaking, it has been our experience that email (included in our Standard Support package) is the most efficient means of providing support. It is automatically routed to the next available support engineer and can easily be re-routed or copied to other engineers who can help solve the problem. If you're getting an error message from NetResults Tracker, often times the error message will be very detailed (perhaps 20 or 30 lines). That much information is difficult to gather over the phone, but may allow us to help you quickly resolve the problem once we see it in an email. Our response will often include detailed instructions and/or references (URLs) to our web site (Knowledge Base, Help sections, support downloads, etc.) that are difficult to relay over the phone. Plus, if you have sent an email with a detailed description containing all of the requested information and a NetResults Technical Support Engineer determines a phone call is the best way to proceed, you will get a call back rather than an email response. Emails sent without a description of the problem and the requested information (such as an email that simply says "call me") will not receive a reply by phone.