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Can I import and/or export NetResults Tracker data?
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Publication Date  03/26/2015 11:07:44 AM
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Yes, NetResults Tracker supports export of NetResults Tracker data in CSV format (ASCII comma separated data). The export option is available for all reports (Query, Metrics, History).

Importing legacy data (data from a system other than NetResults Tracker) into a NetResults Tracker database directly, as opposed to entering it via the web interface, is a task that requires the use of the NetResults Tracker Software Development Kit (SDK), an add-on option of NetResults Tracker, or requires the assistance of NetResults Professional Services department.

To use the SDK to import data into NetResults Tracker requires some simple programming. An overview of the NetResults Tracker SDK can be found in the NetResults Tracker SDK Help document. Some sample code can be found here.

If you do not wish to purchase the NetResults Tracker SDK, an alternative is to contract NetResults Professional Services to import the data on your behalf. NetResults Tracker has approximately dozens of tables, and hundreds of relationships among those tables -- all of which must be properly maintained in order for the system to function properly. Attempting to correctly generate a NetResults Tracker database from your existing data is not something that can be done without assistance from NetResults or use of the NetResults Tracker SDK. The degree of difficulty of this task depends on the difference between the existing data and the new data record configuration you plan to have in NetResults Tracker. The pricing for the assistance to import legacy data directly is available by browsing to NetResults Tracker Custom Support Options and scrolling down to the section "Off-Site Professional Services". How much work is done by NetResults and how much is done by you can be negotiated. At minimum, you will need at least a little of NetResults' time (perhaps just a few hours) to provide a "mapping" from your legacy data fields to the appropriate database tables & fields in NetResults Tracker. Once you have that mapping, you can create .csv files (one per NetResults Tracker table) with the appropriate data to import directly into NetResults Tracker (via NetResults Tracker's import facility). Or, you can have NetResults do the work (if you're using MS Access we can even populate the database for you and ship it to you once complete).

Please do not attempt to import legacy data on your own. NetResults Technical Support will not be able to reproduce or fix any bugs resulting from a failed attempt to correctly maintain the hundreds of relationships among the dozens of database tables that make up a NetResults Tracker database. Those bugs may not be immediately apparent (so you may not discover until months later that you created a 'corrupt' database). Finally, please keep in mind that reverse engineering the NetResults Tracker product is a violation of the NetResults Tracker license agreement.