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Backing up the Tracker Online (NRTO) database
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Publication Date  05/19/2005 02:24:46 PM
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PLEASE NOTE: This article is only applicable to customers using the Tracker Online (NRTO) product, which is hosted by NetResults. If you have Tracker installed on your own machine, this entry does not pertain to your product. For information on backing up the non-hosted version of Tracker, please refer to this article instead: Backing up the licensed version of Tracker
This article provides information about backing up the Tracker Online (NRTO) database.

Since you are a Tracker Online customer, we backup your workgroup database and attachments on a daily basis. If you wish to time changes to your database (e.g. changes made in the Admin section or changes made using the Edit Records operation), you can contact NetResults Technical Support to find out the time your workgroup is backed up each day. If you want to take your own backup of the records in the database, then you can export all the records in the database to CSV format using the steps below. Or, you can contact Technical Support to request that a full copy of your database and attachments be made available for download for a nominal fee.

To export the records from Tracker via the Query Page:

  1. Create a report layout that includes all of the fields that you wish to export. If you wish to export more than 20 fields, you will need to create multiple report layouts.
  2. Click on the Query icon, click on the Clear button, then select the report layout you created in the Report Layout field below the Run Query button. Click on the Run Query button to return all records.
  3. When the results are displayed, click on the Export link in the upper right to export the results to a CSV file
  4. If you created more than one report layout, repeat the above steps to run a query that returns all records with another report layout selected
For more information about creating report layouts, please see the Using Saved Queries & Reports Help section