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Adding, Editing or Deleting Users from a Tracker Online workgroup
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Product  NetResults Tracker Online
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Publication Date  05/19/2005 02:30:16 PM
Last Updated  04/01/2019 01:29:09 PM
PLEASE NOTE: This article is only applicable to customers using the NetResults Tracker Online product, which is hosted by NetResults. If you have Tracker installed on your own machine, use this article instead.
This article provides information about adding or removing users from your Tracker Online workgroup.

You can add, change or remove your own user accounts via the User Administration section. More details are available in the following Help sections:
Adding a User
Editing a User (use this option to change a user's password)
Deleting a User

Renaming a User ID
Renaming a user will only be done in cases where there is a typo or misspelled User ID. If you need to completely change the User ID (not due to a typo or misspelling), delete the user and add a new one to replace it. The reason for this recommendation is that if you rename a user because you are replacing someone, all the actions captured in the record history done by the previous user will now appear as though they were done by the new user. Adding a new account and deleting the old one allows you to preserve the previous user's actions in the history. In addition, if the previous user is assigned to records that now need to be assigned to the replacement user, you will be prompted to select the replacement when you delete the previous user. You will also be prompted to pick a replacement if the user is a state manager (a role in the workflow). If you need to rename a User ID due to a typo, please contact NetResults Technical Support to do this for you.

Changing a User's License Type
A user's license type can be changed on your behalf. Keep in mind that if you wish to upgrade a user from a Restricted user to a Standard (Static) user, the user will have more privileges than they did when they were restricted. Once converted, the user will be a member of the Users group. If you need to downgrade a user from Standard (Static) to Restricted, once the user is converted, the user will no longer be associated with the historical actions they performed. For example, any actions performed by the user will be noted as "userID_old" in the history (where "userID" is the actual User ID of the account that was downgraded). Any personal reports and preferences configured for the user will also be lost when they are downgraded.

For more information about user license types, please review this Help Section. Floating users described in this Help section are not available for Tracker Online. If you need to change a user's license type, contact NetResults Technical Support to do this for you.